I am learning street photography - candid pictures of everyday situations tarted up to look like art. I'll be posting the "best" of whatever I can manage on this website. May even try some filming also. Next project: Geordie culture in April.


This has been my main web presence for the last eighteen years, up until now... over a million visitors, hundreds of thousands of downloads, and rich rewards besides. It's a music website for Bruce Hornsby...



I seem to find myself in these privileged positions at concerts, VIP tickets, backstage and whatnot, and try to shoot what I can of them. Here are some of my favourites.




This has turned into a portfolio of my work - I wanted to record my résumé and websites created for easy reference without Facebook's intervention. I've included links to some of my design work, and projects I've led. As far as the rest, my ramblings are no more interesting or important than anyone else's. I'm just the creatively bored type and wanted to document some of my life and travels on screen a little differently. And since I don't make films...


    I WATCH...

    Cop shows and cartoons (if only they’d combine). A sucker for anything CGI – Up, Wall-E, Rango… Obsessed with Hitchcock also. Bochco TV shows are a favourite and I consider NYPD Blue to be the best TV show I ever saw.


    I LISTEN TO...

    Those who can improvise on stage: Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers, Punch Brothers, Counting Crows. I’m proud to have created a web presence for a number of my favourite artists, and now regard many of them as friends.


    I SUPPORT...

    I’ve led a number of web-based musical projects raising over £25,000 for various causes: Multiple Sclerosis care, ALS/Motor Neurone research, cancer research and the NSPCC. Some audio examples are featured below.


    I SHOOT...

    My friends have cost me a fortune! I know several gifted photographers, and am forever playing catch-up to reach their lofty heights. They’ve all inspired me to pursue the kind of shot that they make seem so easy. One day…

Skills // Adobe After Effects, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Captivate

Stuff I've done // Some examples of projects I've created - websites I designed, photos I shot, and some audio tracks: not that I've performed on, but for CD charity projects that I've compiled. Check the accompanying notes for details.

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    Daily Dose Day 2011


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    Gonna Be Some Changes Made

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    Quayside, Newcastle

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    Salivate CD

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About these posts // Each link is to a new page with random ramblings or examples of work. If you'd like to commission your own website or want to get in touch, use the contact box at the bottom of this page.


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    My cousin, Tasha.

    Natasha Elizabeth Bland
    December 30 1987 – December 27 2016

    I can’t talk about all the laughs I got from Natasha, or the lessons I learnt from her, but I can give one example. I was going through a horrible time with my health and hospital trips. Tasha and Emily did what they always do, and gave. They came to Newcastle immediately, I didn’t have to ask – and gave me a comedy show for their entire stay. They made sandcastles on the Quayside (which is not a beach) but Tasha’s highlight was waving frantically to a passing boat on the River Tyne. The recipient was baffled at Tasha’s pure joy at spotting a stranger, as was I, until I realised that she was actually waving at the toy minion on the boat’s dashboard.

    Before her frequent visits I would tell people “Wait until you meet my cousin Tasha; she is something else” – and she never let me down. She would send cards just to say hello, so I looked through countless messages, trying to find one that summed her up. There were plenty that reflected her spirit, her courage, her love or her generosity, but maybe she’s best summed up by this mystifying message she sent me three years ago today, as I write this. I still have no idea what she meant, but that was the fun of Tasha. She told me:

    A DOVE BOX”.

    Your guess is as good as mine. But show me anyone else who could say that (other than Emily or Tasha) and make it sound like perfect sense.



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    I’m privileged to have worked with some great names and businesses to produce a website.

    Amongst them are some heroes of mine who I’ve been able to return the favour and give them something back with a web presence.

    Here’s some of their feedback…

    Make sure you check out Si does a great job and we like it a lot. Funny and informative. It's really the best.
    Bruce Hornsby
    When conceptualising a website, so many element of design are involved. You’re putting yourself, your product on display and your site must reflect personality and make all information accessible and visually stimulating. Si did a wonderful job designing my website and I’ve had many friends comment on the quality and ease of navigating each page. I’ll continue to work with Si – he’s knowledgeable, quick to work, and forward thinking!
    Ross Holmes
    Si Twining has designed my cartoon website with great skill and hard work.  He is an artist who empathises with the subject matter of the website and puts his heart and soul into making it look as good as can possibly be.  He listens carefully to what the client wants and creates a product that never fails to say "Wow!" I must be one of his laziest clients so I am happy to leave the work to him.  I send him stuff to put on the site but he doesn't push me to go any faster than I want to go. He's just the best there is!
    Charles Griffin
    Great job, Si has surpassed anything that I could have come up with. He is a real visionary.
    J.V. Collier
    Si, just a quick note to commend you on your exemplary web work. Thanks for your attention to detail, listening to my needs (and promptly satisfying them), and for the many changes at a moment's notice. I love the site, and my guests love it
    Foglight Foodhouse
    Simon recently completed a website for us. We live many miles apart so the process involved many phone calls to explain our requirements. Simon has endless patience. The results were excellent and he produced the perfect site for our needs. It's clear, concise, functional and easy to navigate. Simon followed up with us a fortnight after the site launch to check that we were still happy and to offer to make changes if needed. All in all, an excellent service. Thanks Simon
    Nick Goodwin Photorealism
    Si did a fantastic job on my business website. He understood exactly what I required & carried out the job quickly and efficiently, even adding some additional "bells & whistles" which have proved extremely useful! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Si to anyone seeking a professional look to their website.
    A Cut Above Dog Groomers
    I would like to thank you on behalf of the committee. Excellent job, most grateful.
    Sticker Village Rally


  • SAM

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    I have a number of audiences on the internet via Facebook, and a few websites. They all pulled together to raise $6,500 for three very dear causes to me: MS care, TWLOHA and the ALS Association, for which I am so grateful. Continue reading

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