• Hornsby interviews

    I sometimes interview musicians. I actually started with my own hero, whose music I’ve followed for twenty-five years. Bruce Hornsby, multi-million selling, Grammy-award winning artist from Williamsburg, Virginia, whose website I’ve maintained since 1998. That’s enabled me to travel the States meeting a range of people from NBA championship-winning coaches, established artists to up-and-coming new musicians who will go far. (more…)

  • Random ramblings

    I wanted a place to document my own ramblings, without Facebook’s dubious terms or limited design, or Twitter’s finite capacity to carry a message in 140 characters. I don’t expect a lot of engagement, or a million visitors. but being such a fussy little so-and-so, at least I can record my words and pictures on my terms, using a design that I like a lot. (more…)