• Cousin Tasha

    My cousin, Tasha.

    Natasha Elizabeth Bland
    December 30 1987 – December 27 2016

    I can’t talk about all the laughs I got from Natasha, or the lessons I learnt from her, but I can give one example. I was going through a horrible time with my health and hospital trips. Tasha and Emily did what they always do, and gave. They came to Newcastle immediately, I didn’t have to ask – and gave me a comedy show for their entire stay. They made sandcastles on the Quayside (which is not a beach) but Tasha’s highlight was waving frantically to a passing boat on the River Tyne. The recipient was baffled at Tasha’s pure joy at spotting a stranger, as was I, until I realised that she was actually waving at the toy minion on the boat’s dashboard. (more…)

  • Sam

    I have a number of audiences on the internet via Facebook, and a few websites. They all pulled together to raise $6,500 for three very dear causes to me: MS care, TWLOHA and the ALS Association, for which I am so grateful. (more…)

  • 2014 charity project

    Since I’d committed to doing this, I just spent four weeks at Bruuuce.com raising money for three causes that are very dear to me. We’ve raised nearly $6,500. Through the generosity of the website’s visitors, we have provided funding for TWLOHA – “To Write Love On Her Arms” – to train three student leaders from Boston so that they can provide essential counseling to their peers on campus at Boston University. We were able to make donations of $440 and then a further $280 on their special donation page to pay for their training at a special summer conference. I’ve become very interested in the work of TWLOHA and am looking for further ways to help. I have $500 left from our funds for them if anyone has any ideas – please e-mail me. (more…)

  • Random ramblings

    I wanted a place to document my own ramblings, without Facebook’s dubious terms or limited design, or Twitter’s finite capacity to carry a message in 140 characters. I don’t expect a lot of engagement, or a million visitors. but being such a fussy little so-and-so, at least I can record my words and pictures on my terms, using a design that I like a lot. (more…)