2014 charity project

Since I’d committed to doing this, I just spent four weeks at Bruuuce.com raising money for three causes that are very dear to me. We’ve raised nearly $6,500. Through the generosity of the website’s visitors, we have provided funding for TWLOHA – “To Write Love On Her Arms” – to train three student leaders from Boston so that they can provide essential counseling to their peers on campus at Boston University. We were able to make donations of $440 and then a further $280 on their special donation page to pay for their training at a special summer conference. I’ve become very interested in the work of TWLOHA and am looking for further ways to help. I have $500 left from our funds for them if anyone has any ideas – please e-mail me.We raised a further £2,000 (roughly $3,000) for the  Merlin Centre for Multiple Sclerosis care. I called Dr Murphy, now in his 80s, as arranged, just to speak briefly for a podcast, as he founded the Centre with his late wife, to let him know the good news. Sadly, because of his ill health and mine, it was rather a tearful conversation at both ends, and the podcast will never see the light of day. Suffice to say, he is very grateful for the donations, as am I.

We also gave around $2,000 to the ALS Association, who I should hear back from soon.

I wish I could even share this fundraising good news with others who inspired it. That’s the joy – not raising cash, but knowing that you made a difference and letting others know that they did, too.

Thank you so much to everybody who inspired the idea, donated, and gave lovely feedback. You helped to make a difference to other people’s lives.

It really means so very much to be able to say that.

As for me…

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