I have a number of audiences on the internet via Facebook, and a few websites. They all pulled together to raise $6,500 for three very dear causes to me: MS care, TWLOHA and the ALS Association, for which I am so grateful.Yesterday I posted a brief (albeit tearful – sorry!) chat with Dr Murphy, who founded the Merlin Centre for MS care. Today I wanted to highlight TWLOHA. With two separate donations from your contributions, we paid the entry fees for three students from Boston to attend a conference where they qualified as TWLOHA counsellors, to provide vital help for their college campus. September 8-14 is Suicide Prevention Week, and Sam Brown is raising funds for it via TWLOHA. With your permission, I’d like to donate the remaining funds from our project to his cause. Please take a moment to read Sam’s story and let me know what you think. Contact details are at the top. Thank you.

*We’ve donated to Sam and TWLOHA today. More to come from him later.